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10 Best Soccer Books

Soccer Books, your new friends! Practice and Physical abilities are without a doubt the big players behind a soccer player performance. But you will be shocked by the HUGE role that soccer books play!

But many of us forget that the mental and theoretical component of the game also constitutes another great part since it helps the player to make certain decisions at certain moments of the game.

In this aspect, reading is, without doubt, the greatest ally with a player can have to enrich it in this component and make him different from the other players.

There are many cases followed in various social media where professional players share photos in their reading moments, and many have testified on the subject by saying that it helps them decide certain plays that would often opt for a more emotional side.

Great soccer books convey knowledge. Human knowledge, in this area, owes much to soccer books that allowed a generation to show the future generation what it has learned, its tests, research, and successful results from work done by men of its day. When we read good soccer books we are interacting with it and abstracting other people’s knowledge.
In this sense, the soccer books we have chosen for this article help the athlete in this process of gathering information about work well done in the same field.


We then separate some soccer books that will help you improve your reading of the game, and will give you a better view of certain moments of the game, as well as make you know your own sport, much better.

1. Soccer Books IQ: Things That Smart Players Do

”If there was only one book we could recommend, Soccer iQ would be it”- Recommendation from, This Soccer book covers exactly what you need to know about football. It explains to you in a very perceptible and intuitive way. This soccer book will certainly help you improve in the game and eventually reaching another level.


2. 100 Principles for high-Performance Soccer

The propose of this Soccer book is to facilitate the implementation of result-oriented management and coaching constructs that are directly related to the replication of consistently higher club leadership, manager/coach, support staff, player and team performance. If you are interested in improving your performance, get a way of checking this soccer book, you won’t regret.

3. Masters of the Modern Soccer: How the Worlds best play the Twenty-First-Century Game

In Masters of Modern Soccer, Sports Illustrated writer Grant Wahl asks: How do some of the game’s smartest figures master the craft of soccer? By profiling players in every key position (American phenomenon Christian Pulisic, Mexican superstar Javier “Chicharito” Hernández, Belgium’s Vincent Kompany, Spain’s Xabi Alonso, Germany’s Manuel Neuer). This soccer book covers the opinions of one of the bests at the moment in the game!


4. Soccer Training: A step-by-step guide on 14 Topics for Intelligent Soccer Players

If you are NOT interested in being a better player, coach, or parent of a soccer player, please consider another book. This is NOT for you. On this soccer book, you can learn the keys to being a better soccer player through knowledge. In other words, there are warm-ups, instructional drills, and workouts to sharpen your skills that take advantage of human anatomy, an unshakable mindset, and proper form in soccer.


5. Soccer Shooting & Finishing 

The current soccer books on the market teach about general knowledge of infrequent game situations without the clear steps to put the ball in the net. Now, this soccer book is specifically for players that need the tips, tricks, tweaks, and techniques to 10X the number of goals he or she scores in a season.


6. The Complete Soccer Goal Keeper

Shut down the opponent and stop every shot. Only The Complete Soccer Goalkeeper will show you how to combine awareness, technique, and physical conditioning to anticipate the opponent’s every move. Check out this soccer book if you are a goalkeeper who is not having good games and wants to improve your performance. You will not regret.


7. Soccer Books: Happy Feet

HAPPY FEET is the ultimate resource for soccer parents. Written by best-selling author, Dan Blank, it will give you on this soccer book a better understanding of the game, its rules and terminology. This remarkable book includes links to seven free videos that help explain soccer’s more mysterious concepts such as offside, the advantage rule, and systems of play.

8. Soccer Books: Modern Tactics

A comprehensive look at modern zone formations through the eyes of the author and ten high level professional Italian coaches.
Arrigo Sacchi (Milan, Italian National Team), Marcello Lippi (Napoli, Inter, Juventus), Walter Novellino (Venezia, Napoli, Piacenza), Carlo Ancelotti (Parma, Juventus) and Renzo Ulivieri (Parma) are among the impressive list of contributors to this valuable coaching reference.


9. The Soccer Games and Drills Compendium 

Meyer & Meyer Premium the next level of instructional sports literature with high-quality, full-color books. The Soccer Games and Drills Compendium is a comprehensive compilation of 350 realistic drills and games that facilitate the high-quality design and quick implementation of modern soccer training.


10. Talking Tactics: You will never look at Football in the same way again

Do you get your 4-2-3-1’s confused with your Christmas trees? How are you with inverted wingers, False 9, holding midfielders and sweeper-keepers? Does tactical jargon leave you confused, but at the same time, examples of the media’s obvious tactical ignorance (“4-4-2 is more attacking than 4-5-1”) leave you annoyed? Do you want a bit more than “they just wanted it more”?
In this book, erstwhile London radio host Bob Pearce quizzes Bulgarian tactician Mihail Vladimirov from the point of view of the dummy (not to be confused with the footballing act where a player goes to do something and then, cunningly, doesn’t. Bob and Mihail definitely did this book).


To get the books just click on the image, and it will redirect you to the sales pages where you can get them for the cheapest price!

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