Soccer Books: Top 10 Must Read During This Break

Everything is stopped. Basically nothing can be done. The football fields are closed, all sports activities have been suspended. Now what? For us Football fans, what do we do? The answer: Soccer Books.

Well, reading is still allowed. So we can start from this point. We were reviewing the guides about soccer that we had chosen for this break of the season, and we decided to make a segmentation so that each person who is looking for something related to it could possibly find a light that helps him


The reading practice has been important for many sports professionals. Reading helps at different times, such as before the game when many say it helps them to relax, or else in their free time, giving them a more theoretical view of what they normally live on the field.

Best Soccer Books
Lebron James Reading. Players reading books

There are many cases followed in various social media where professional players share photos in their reading moments, and many have testified on the subject by saying that it helps them decide certain plays that would often opt for a more emotional side.


Great soccer books share knowledge, human and technical knowledge of this area that allowed a generation to show the future generation what it has learned, its tests, research, and successful results from work done by men of its day. When we read great soccer manuals, we are interacting with it and abstracting other people’s knowledge.

We decided to divide the books into certain areas, which cover almost all the information that the soccer player may need to have. Since physical preparation, technical preparation.

We also separate books on soccer tactics, their evolution over time, and what the main football coaches talk about and explain about tactics.

We also have motivation books, mental preparation, and a bonus at the end of the article, see below.


General knowledge and Nonfiction Soccer Books


1. Soccer Books IQ: Things That Smart Players Do


soccer books
Book 1 Recommendation

‘If there was only one book we could recommend, Soccer iQ would be it”- Recommendation from, This Soccer book covers exactly what you need to know about football. It explains to you in a very perceptible and intuitive way. This Manual of soccer will certainly help you improve in the game and eventually reaching another level.

2. Soccer Training: A guide for Intelligent Soccer Players
soccer training manual
Book Recommendation 2

If you are NOT interested in being a better player, coach, or parent of a soccer player, please consider another book. This is NOT for you. In this soccer guide, you can learn the keys to being a better soccer player through knowledge. In other words, there are warm-ups, instructional drills, and workouts to sharpen your skills that take advantage of human anatomy, an unshakable mindset, and proper form in soccer. The perfect book to have if you’re trying to be in shape again, or if you feel like you need to improve on it.

3. Soccer Shooting & Finishing 
soccer practice manual
Book Recommendation 3

The existing soccer guides on the market teach about general knowledge of infrequent game situations without the clear steps to put the ball in the net. Now, this book is specifically for players that need the tips, tricks, tweaks, and techniques to 10X the number of goals he or she scores in a season. Dylan Joseph comes again with a sensational guide on how to increase your chances of putting it to sleep on the net. From the very first step until the final touch this Book will help you to score on those situations that you once thought would be impossible.

You can complement this book with soccer targets, that will help you accurate your shoots and passes HERE

4.Soccer Smarts: Skills, Tactics & Mental Exercises
soccer books
Book Recommendation 4

Soccer Smarts offers access to the methods of Charlie Slagle, former president of the National Soccer Coaches Association of America. You’ll learn exactly how a good soccer player becomes a great soccer player.

A little bit of something that you can find Inside the pages of Soccer Smarts:

  • Specific lessons for perfecting individual player techniques from the basics to the more complex―such as 1 v 1 defending, power shooting, side volleys, goalkeeper shot-blocking, and more.
  • Game-changing mental exercises that will increase your awareness and enhance your mental aptitude to become a better player and a better leader

5. Zonal Marking: From Ajax to Zidane, the Making of Modern Soccer
Soccer Manual
Book Recommendation 5

In the early 1990s, the Dutch footballing philosophy was worshipped across the continent. Then the baton passed to the Italians, who clearly boasted Europe’s strongest league. But when France started winning everything at the international level its national academy became the template for others, until suddenly, almost out of nowhere, Europe’s most revered player and manager both hailed from Portugal.

This soccer book covers more about European football history and all of the most important actors of it. It is a manual of soccer that gives inside information on how everything was done.

Best Soccer Books for Couches, Managers or Fans fascinated about tactics and Strategy:


6. Talking Tactics: You will never look at Football in the same way again
soccer book for managers
Book Recommendation 6

Do you get your 4-2-3-1’s confused with your Christmas trees? How are you with inverted wingers, False 9, holding midfielders and sweeper-keepers? Does tactical jargon leave you confused, but at the same time, examples of the media’s obvious tactical ignorance (“4-4-2 is more attacking than 4-5-1”) leave you annoyed? Do you want a bit more than “they just wanted it more”?
In this book, erstwhile London radio host Bob Pearce quizzes Bulgarian tactician Mihail Vladimirov from the point of view of the dummy (not to be confused with the footballing act where a player goes to do something and then, cunningly, doesn’t. Bob and Mihail definitely did this book).

7. Soccer Books: Modern Tactics
soccer books tactics
Book Recommendation 7

A comprehensive look at modern zone formations through the eyes of the author and ten high level professional Italian coaches.
Arrigo Sacchi (Milan, Italian National Team), Marcello Lippi (Napoli, Inter, Juventus), Walter Novellino (Venezia, Napoli, Piacenza), Carlo Ancelotti (Parma, Juventus) and Renzo Ulivieri (Parma) are among the impressive list of contributors to this valuable coaching reference.

8.The Mixer: The Story of Premier League Tactics, from Route One to False Nines
Soccer books tactics
Book Recommendation 8

An absolutely essential book for every modern football fan, about the development of Premier League tactics, published to coincide with 25 years of the competition.

Back in 1992, English football was stuck in the dark ages, emerging from a five-year ban from European competition. The game was physical, bruising and attritional, based on strength over speed, aggression over finesse. It was the era of the midfield general, reducers, big men upfront and getting it in the mixer; 4-4-2 was the order of the day. Few teams experimented tactically

9.Inverting The Pyramid: The History of Soccer Tactics
soccer tactics books
Book Recommendation 9

“An outstanding work … the [soccer] book of the decade.” –Sunday Business Post

Inverting the Pyramid is a pioneering soccer book that chronicles the evolution of soccer tactics and the lives of the itinerant coaching geniuses who have spread their distinctive styles across the globe.

Through Jonathan Wilson’s brilliant historical detective work we learn how the South Americans shrugged off the British colonial order to add their own finesse to the game; how the Europeans harnessed individual technique and built it into a team structure; how the game once featured five forwards upfront, while now a lone striker is not uncommon.

Goalkeepers, we didn’t forget you. Check out this Incredible Guide Below:


10. The Complete Soccer Goal Keeper
soccer books goalkeeper
Book Recommendation 10

Shut down the opponent and stop every shot. Only The Complete Soccer Goalkeeper will show you how to combine awareness, technique, and physical conditioning to anticipate the opponent’s every move. Check out this soccer book if you are a goalkeeper who is not having good games and wants to improve your performance. You will not regret.

In case you’re planning to be, or you’re already a goalie, you can check our article on the top 5 goalkeeper gloves on a budget Here!


Inspirational Stories and Soccer Books for Kids:

I. Go for the Goal!
soccer books
Bonus Recommendation

World Cup-winning soccer player Julie Ertz inspires kids to lead a life of faith and virtue as she shares her own stories and the lessons she has learned in childhood and now in her illustrious playing career.

Each chapter focuses on a character trait essential to success on and off the playing field. Children will discover the value of sacrifice, hard work, and having a good attitude. They will gain a trusted mentor in Julie, who encourages them through personal examples to be winners in life.

This is a book not for just soccer lovers but for sports lovers, this is a strong story that shows that if you really do want something in life, you can get it.

In case you missed our previous post about the top 10 tips to consider when thinking of becoming a professional football (soccer) player, check out HERE

II.Soccer Smarts for Kids: Skills, Strategies, and Secrets
soccer books kids
Bonus Recommendation 2

Everything kids need to know to play smarter, more enjoyable soccer.

As a youth soccer coach for more than twenty years, Coach Andrew Latham sets kids up for success in Soccer Smarts for Kids with his no-fluff, easy-to-understand strategies, and cover-to-cover tips―from goal setting and staying fit to pre-game prep and mental motivation.

As I am an Amazon affiliate, I’ve left a link below the description of each book in case you got interested in any of them. All of them are in the sale due to Covid-19. In the last days, I’ve been reading more and I couldn’t resist sharing any of them. I felt like they gave me insights that I could only be able to gain in 3/5 years of playing is just amazing. All of these soccer guides have something new to teach you if you have an open mind and willing to learn.

You can practice at home and share the results below on the commentary box, feel free!

In case you need some tools for you to practice at home, you can check our article for backyard soccer goals HERE.


Stay Tuned! 


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