Alles France ! The new Fifa World Cup Champions!

After 30 days of pure football, we knew then the new World Cup Champion!

Betting houses were already advancing to a certain favoritism of the French team, which was eventually confirmed.
20 years after the final of 98 that they organized, the French then won their second World Championship, the first one outside their country.
It was a game of great emotion, with France to open the score that would later be equaled by Croatia. This equality lasted only a short time, because about 10 minutes later France unleashed the knot with a goal scored by Griezmann.


In the second part Croatia came in stronger, but the French counter attack was effective, scoring two more goals and putting the result at 4-1. Croatia even reduced with a funny goal, thanks to goalkeeper Lloris, but the result would no longer change and 4-2 was the final score.
A word of appreciation for the Croatia, who made their journey to the final, always with 120 minutes, and at one moment we noticed that there was a will, but there was no physical freshness.
This World Cup was special for most of these French players that I think, learned well the lesson with the lost final in Euro 2016 against Portugal. They knew that playing good might not be enough, and so in many games they were not the best, but they were competent and effective.
It was also special for Didier Dechamps who became one more coach to win the event as coach and player.
And it was also special for Griezmann that after two losses in Champions League finals and a Euro final, managed to win the World Cup, after all the best was yet to come.
We learned a lot from this world cup, the firstĀ  with the team that lost, Croatia showed us that if something has not yet been done, it’s exactly one more reason to try.
We learn that the best do not always run the party, and that many times, the will, the belief, and the overcoming defeat a team made up of talented players.
Now, we just have to wait until Qatar 2022 to see if France will be eliminated on the group stage. And, if this trophy will go outside Europe as well.

This World Cup was full of beautiful goals, penalties, and own goals. We had entertainment from the start to the end.

So, Thank You Russia!

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