João Félix: Different Story

The famous philosopher Hegel once said, “History repeats itself at least twice.” A phrase commented on by most critics, not wanting to agree with it and assuming that it does not repeat itself, but, it happens in circumstances very similar to the previous history. For João Félix, everything is still a dream, which for Benfica is very realistic and that for its fans may well be the reissue of the beginning of another Portuguese football legend. Continue reading


Christmas Ideias: Men’s Clothing and Accessories

Its Christmas Time Everyone, What About Some Clothes or Accessories?

And…. for this year we are going to give our personal recommendation on  Men’s Clothing and Accessories, from a brand new store that opened recently. We know that finding a good gift for Christmas could sometimes be hard due to the many ideas that we might have, or due to the lack of them.

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