Best Summer Transfer Market

It’s already the end of August and the way things go, we could say that the Transfer Market could already be closed a long time.

This will undoubtedly be a summer Transfer Market never forgotten in the world of European Football and even the MLS with the arrival of Ibrahimovic in LA. Starting with the transfer of the mythical CR7 to Juventus, going to the historic transfers of goalkeepers Kepa & Alisson to the Premier League, and Courtois to La Liga, for values never paid before for goalkeepers, we could finish with Malcolm taking a picture in AS Roma and singing after for Barcelona, we’ve had it all already on this summer transfer.

Malcom Barça & Roma

Something undeniable at this moment, is the visible inflation that the Transfer Market is having from year to year, much because of clubs like PSG and Man City, which show themselves always willing to crazy adventures when they need a particular player, another thing is the current resign clauses that clubs put on their players, to prevent them from going to another club for cheap price. Below are the top 10 Summer Transfer Market deals:


Fact is that every year, players leave for even higher values, and the Financial Fair Play is becoming increasingly insignificant at such times, in such a way that PSG dribbled it in the transfers of Neymar and Mbappé and even threatened to buy Messi and Ronaldo, but it was nothing more than simple threats.

Perhaps this would be the moment for FIFA to intervene, by creating a specific regulation regarding the transfers and to make a greater control in order to avoid that the clubs that keep the passes of the players are not harmed, and at the same time preserve a fair competition on the Transfer Market.
There are rumors that this process is already underway so that the transfers can be standardized. On the other hand, examples like Leicester in 2016 have shown that football often prevails when money comes into question.


Or clubs like AC Milan, in turn, have also been showing that the money and the stars are not everything. And in today’s football in order to have a competitive team, it starts from your structure and goes to the team that you play every weekend and midweek. In other words, creating a competitive team that gives results in today’s world of football means having an identity of its own. Have a characteristic style, a game idea, be faithful to it and have the ability to impose your football against any team. That’s what defines Barcelona, Bayern, Real Madrid, or even the Man City.

One thing we can say with all our will, we are looking forward to this edition of the UEFA Champions League! We had the same winner in the last 3 editions, something historical, but with all these changes,  Will we have a return of Ronaldo to Madrid in the knock out stage? Will Real Madrid be able to win the trophy for an unprecedented 4th time? Affirmation of Neymar?
Or is it going to be Mbappé’s?
Will we have the return of Messi to the great times?

Questions to be answered later in September

As the new season has already started, if you missed out the new jersey’s of the most popular teams, you can catch up —–> HERE our selection of the most beautiful ones!

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