Finally Confirmed, Ronaldo is a Bianco Nero!

Unless Messi joins another club, or Ronaldinho comes back from retirement this is THE Summer BOMB Transfer!

After his declarations at the end of the game against Liverpool in Kiev for the Champions League final, his statements were already indicative of a possible change.

A Portuguese proverb says that ‘’to a good understanding, half a word is enough’’, and for us everything was already clear with those words of CR7.

His tone was farewell, they had won the game that night but the attentions were not in him as they had been in almost every finals in which he participated, so he might have felt that it was the right moment to give us the hint.

After all, what can be behind this historic change, and unexpected for most people?

Well, that was one of the first questions yesterday, in his presentation Press Conference at his new club. Buuut his answer was not conclusive… CR7 explained the logical reasons for changing; he made that speech that every player makes when they move. “This was a dream that I had since I was a kid”, “Juventus is a big club” & ‘’I couldn’t miss this opportunity’’ but was that the real reason why CR7 changed colors this summer?

In response to another question, when he was asked could he give Juve, after winning almost everything, we think Ronaldo has given the exact answer to the first question: ” I want to prove to all of them that I am not finished, I’m still capable of doing things and that the age does not matter. ”

This can maybe an answer that goes according to what most of us have heard. Many critics have singled out Ronaldo as a late-career player with no speed, and less goal scoring than in other years. However, will there be other reasons for the Portuguese Captain to change his comfort zone at 23, sorry, 33 years? It seems so.

By all indications, everything have begun with a promise not fulfilled by Florentino, his former President at Real Madrid. Ronaldo won at the time another Ballon D’Or, and felt disrespected for not being one of the highest paid in the world. He made his concern to the President who pushed the matter, but never solved it.

Ronaldo was already losing patience with the subject, until one of the men who held him back made also, a surprising move, leaving the Real Madrid Bench, Zidane. With the departure of his coach, the lack of internal recognition, and the news that indicated the arrival of Neymar to the club, Ronaldo understood that there were no more conditions to continue, and made the decision to leave the club.

One of the things that Ronaldo said and well was that challenges move him. However, he did not explain very well what kinds of challenges. From the recent events, what we can note, is that when his quality, and his fitness, be it physical or emotional, is questioned, his motivation increases dramatically. In addition, to the bad luck of many Real Madridistas, these were the two points in question.

The other, was the fact that Florentino have said at the last ceremony of Ballon D’Or to Neymar, that for him to win the Trophy, he might have to move to Real Madrid.

Something that, takes away the merit of the most recent achievements of the Portuguese. So this would be the right opportunity for Ronaldo to show that he does not need the Real, nor his power to continue to succeed in his career, and he still went to a club that respects him and offers him his real value (salary, consideration and caring). The palms to when he scored the bicycle goal may have been decisive for this change.

Therefore, we have to wait and see, if the best in the world will continue to build his legacy in Italy, after having already conquered England and Spain.

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