How to choose the best team on Fantasy Premier League

Learn How to create the best team for your Fantasy Premier League and get massive points every week! Here you can find some great tips that will help you beat your friends on Fantasy Premier League.

The national championships are back, and the English Premier League is without the one that has more audience. Perhaps because of the number of excellent players who play in it, or because of the excitement and intensity with which it is played.

But believe you or not, some watch it just because of the Premier League Fantasy game. This has been the football-related game that most supporters have won in recent years, only surpassed by the obvious FIFA. Fantasy is basically a simulation of a squad of players chosen based on a certain initial budget, in which the user believes they are the players that will make a difference on the fixture that follows. All teams can undergo changes, in and out but the squad must always be confirmed before the first game of the week.
Scores are made based on various criteria, from the time played by the player, the assists made, to the goals scored. Points can be doubled if the player is chosen for this journey as captain or vice captain.

We then prepare those that we consider to be the essential tips for you to get a good score on almost every week:

1. Always see how many the player is selected

The fact that the budget is considered by many a low value (100Million) makes us often opt for cheap players, which is not bad, but always check the percentage of times that player is selected by the coach. It will not be worth anything to have a player who does not play because you will score no point.

2. Change Your Tactics

By default the management of your team has a default tactic. Most of the time this makes you have to select players you do not want on your team. To change this is simple, select players from different positions, and it will automatically change its tactic, then you can manage in the way that you desire.


3. ALWAYS see the next opponent

The next game sets it all. You may even be one of those guys who feels that luck is on your side and picks the players to their delight. It can work. But the chances of failure are very great, too. A very simple example, if Jamie Vardy Leicester striker scored 2 goals at Bournemouth on the previous fixture, and the next match against a strong defense like City or Chelsea might not be as lucky to score again. So seeing what the next game is, and what defensive vulnerabilities this team has can help a lot at the moment of choice.


4. Create a team type

This will prevent you from changing your players more often. Which can be very tricky on this Fantasy Premier League game. Do a little research for the teams, check which players always play and choose them so that you create a stable team.

5. Check the Scout Before submitting your teamĀ 

Just before your submit your team to the game week, or even during the week make sure you pass by The Scout Articles to get some detailed analysis on top top players or some to watch. This year the scout of the Fantasy Premier League could help you choose an entire team with their inputs.


6. Trust your instincts

This point may be in contradiction with the third point, but sometimes you have to rely on your intuition. Often what makes you score more than your opponents in the league is that player that no one chooses and makes a goal and an assist. There are several such cases every week on this Fantasy Premier League, and those who choose these players usually even put them as captains, something really crazy.


7. Follow the English League

This is perhaps the most important point of all of these. Without this really you will not have any success on this Fantasy Premier League game. With this we are not saying that you must necessarily watch all games, but look, at least join and see the results and performance of the players. This will help you to have a greater understanding of the league, and its highlights. You can even activate notifications so you do not miss anything. Create a routine of entering it once a day, you will see that your domain by the game will increase a lot.

These were the tips that we felt were essential to pass on to you, I hope it will be helpful to you and help you improve your scores.
For those who do not have a team yet, go and create, it’s free, all you need is an email.
You can access it from the link below:

See you later !

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