João Félix: Different Story

The famous philosopher Hegel once said, “History repeats itself at least twice.” A phrase commented on by most critics, not wanting to agree with it and assuming that it does not repeat itself, but, it happens in circumstances very similar to the previous history. For João Félix, everything is still a dream, which for Benfica is very realistic and that for its fans may well be the reissue of the beginning of another Portuguese football legend.

Who is João Félix, and why this?

joao-felixJoão Félix is ​​now the greatest promise of Portuguese football. He is 19 years old and plays as an attacker in Benfica. He is part of the same school that saw Bernardo Silva, Renato Sanches, João Cancelo, Hélder Costa, Ederson or even Oblak. His name is everywhere, there is no newspaper that has not yet made reference to him. Since comparisons with Cristiano Ronaldo, until rumors of transfers to the top European clubs, the kid is in the mouth of the world.


But this is all very beautiful in the papers, and the covers of the newspapers, but is he worth all this show? Is it really fair to compare him to Ronaldo? Well, that was one of the reasons we wrote this article.
João Félix is ​​now Benfica’s second-best goal scorer behind the Swiss Haris Seferovic, scoring 18 goals in 40 appearances. The Portuguese League is his favorite dish, he already has 13 goals. But it is not only goals that he has done, his ability to see the game, and quality of pass is very well reflected in his 8 assists. There is also a point to highlight, the hat trick against Frankfurt on the recent first leg of the quarter-finals on Europa League. Which earned him the status of player of the week, and of course, more eyes behind him.


But ok, can we compare Ronaldo to João Félix?


joao-felixComparing at the statistical level, the wonderkid from Benfica takes advantage over his compatriot. However, at the football level, this comparison does not exist. We can explain to you:
• Season Debuts in Senior squad: Very different, Ronaldo with 18, and João Félix with 19, so this is his first year as a senior. João is doing much better than Ronaldo … .but, Ronaldo had already scored 9 goals at Sporting.
• Competitiveness of the National Leagues: The Portuguese league is much more accessible than the English league, and playing as a forward in a team that plays constantly against the attack, it is easier to have more chances to score.
Both have several things in common, such as very early calls for the main selections (first year as a senior), and the ”Record-breaking Mania”. Cristiano is well known for it, well Félix who is just starting out has already broken the record for the youngest player scoring a hat trick on Europa League.


Comparison with Cristiano Ronaldo at the same age

joao-felixThe numbers prove that for his age, João Félix is ​​in an enviable form. In addition to this it is necessary to emphasize that this is the first year as senior in the Benfica team, something that happened to Ronaldo happened earlier (18 years).
Speaking about his areas of action Ronaldo, he played preferably on the wings, or on the right or left, which easily justifies the higher number of assists, and a smaller number of goals. Felix can play in the wings, but he is like second advanced or half offensive that stands out more. He is not as fast as Ronaldo was, but he has a much better passing ability and vision than the Juventus star, and a finishing ability for his age that is worth highlighting. This season scored goals against the two great rivals, FC Porto and Sporting.


What to expect from here?

Well, much has already been said about João Félix’s potential, and consequent comparisons with world-class players are made almost every day. But what to expect from him? Will he reach the same level as Ronaldo?
According to Mark Twain, a great American writer and comedian, he pointed out that ” history does not repeat itself, but rhyme ” and this argument I am perfectly in agreement. Not only did Twain believe that the stories rhymed, but also that “no historical occurrence was solitary, but an eternal repetition of something that has happened before, because however much they repeat in the same context, it will never happen in the same way”
João Félix is ​​making an amazing season for his age, but to reach Cristiano’s level he will have to walk a much more complex path than scoring goals and assists.


It may even seem controversial since these two metrics are the main ones for the evaluation. But what made the great players become what they are today was their consistency.
Another big factor will undoubtedly be his next club and coach, assuming that Benfica will not be able to maintain him. Going to a club where his coach will only play him for the league on the last 15 minutes does not help on his growth.

it only disturbs the player, he will not feel free to show what he is worth because he knows that he has a limited time for it. The consequence is always pressed by time, where time is at this stage what he has to spare to explore.

So we conclude with this that João Félix is ​​a young man with enormous potential and who is following in the footsteps of great stars, his moment of form is fantastic. However we do not consider him better than Ronaldo, but different. Everything is in the hands of Felix, his mentality will be decisive to reach the top.


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