Soccer Jerseys: The Best of the Season [Full Guide]

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for soccer jerseys to use in the game or just in your daily life. Don’t worry, at the end of this post you will have the complete information you need to make your decision.

From the most beautiful soccer jerseys to the cheap soccer jerseys, you’ll have a complete guide.

When it comes to football and clothing tastes, preferences vary from person to person. Some prefer the alternative football jersey equipment, others prefer the main football jersey equipment. Others prefer simple equipment, and others prefer equipment with different colors and stripes.

Any reason to support your choices? Well, no. In addition to these conspiracy theories, you can also find those that claim that certain soccer jerseys are luckier than others, or that some colors would cause their teams to lose certain games. But none of this is a fact.

soccer jerseys

The only fact we found was that in 1867, an American football manual advised teams to try to “have one side with striped shirts of one color, say red, and the other with another, say blue”. To facilitate the recognition of each individual in the field.

We are talking about a time after the use of hats to identify teams, for example, imagine!

old soccer jerseys

In the 1870s, color variations were becoming an established ingredient in soccer jerseys, with many clubs, such as the Blackburn Rovers, adopting designs that remain unchanged today. The Rovers were not the only clubs that have kept their football shirts to this day; Inter and Juventus are also an example, as you can see below, Juventus on the left and Inter on the right.

Years passed after that, and today we live in an era dominated by fashion even in sport. More than 155 years later, we have brands like Nike or Adidas that dominate this market. More than 70% of this market, consuming products from one of these two brands, is incredible. But we will still get there.

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Best Cheap Soccer jerseys

So what is your main problem when searching for soccer jerseys? Is it about the value or quality?

From the research done, most people have difficulties in these two aspects. When playing sports, it is important to check how the shirt drains our sweat so that it allows our skin to breathe and does not increase its weight. Which can increase our wear and tear. In case you struggle to find good quality and cheap, we have selected a few of them that may suit your needs. Both shirts are similar, they just differ on certain details:

soccer jerseys

You can check both offers on Amazon, just use the blue button for Nike and the Red one for Adidas 🙂

goalie gloves

If 155 years ago the discussions were about the colors and formats of soccer jerseys, today when you need to decide on one the decision revolves around Nike or Adidas. It is a discussion similar to Messi / Ronaldo.

Thinking about different purposes, we decided to separate some soccer jerseys for training or games, and others of the shirts that we think are the most beautiful or that have the most beautiful designs within these brands, see below:


Soccer Jerseys Adidas

We make a selection of only alternative Adidas equipment. In addition to considering them the most beautiful Adidas shirts, they have a simple design and can be used both for training and even for everyday use because their colors match almost everything, check below:

soccer jerseys

You can check these jerseys on Amazon here (1.Man United, 2.Arsenal, 3.Real Madrid)

soccer jersey




soccer jersey




soccer jersey




When you’re talking about Adidas, you can be sure about these two main factors below, which is a must on every jersey they made:

  • Climacool keeps you cool and dry in warm weather
  • The regular fit is wider at the body, with a straight silhouette

We selected two training jerseys that you may want to choose in case you don’t want to use the official shirts from the clubs:

soccer jerseys training

Check these Jerseys on Amazon (1. Adidas Training, 2.Germany Training):

soccer jersey




soccer jersey





Soccer jerseys Nike

In the Nike shirts, we did a little research, and we shared two of the ones that were the most approved on social networks: Barcelona (First) and Chelsea (third). The other choices are fantastic training shirts with breathtaking details and spectacular back drying. See below:

soccer jerseys nike

Nike Tech is very present in these soccer jerseys. They come with the following specifications and advantages:

  • Dri-FIT Technology helps keep you dry and comfortable
  • Mesh back and shoulder panels provide enhanced ventilation
  • Raglan sleeves allow a natural range of motion

You can check these jerseys on Amazon here:

soccer jersey




soccer jersey




soccer jersey




You can also check a training soccer jersey from Nike, and some shorts that we have selected just for you:

soccer jersey nike


soccer jersey




soccer jersey





Soccer Jerseys for kids

Below we list the best recommendations if you intend to buy for any child. We chose shirts, and even a set, despite being from Barcelona, ​​but that comes with the complete kit. You can find a pair of extra shorts below in case you want to complete them with a shirt. All these shirts are from the brands mentioned above and have all the points described:

soccer jerseys for kids

You can check these jerseys on Amazon here:

soccer jersey




soccer jersey



When we make this guide, we try to understand also, what care should be taken with the shirts so that they last longer and maintain their quality.

About 99% of football jerseys are made from recycled polyester. So there are some precautions to take with these clothes, especially when washing them:

  1. All of these shirts have been certified that they can be washed in the washing machine. So before putting them there, rinse them with water and detergent, or even soak them for a few minutes. This point is to make sure that nothing will stick to clothing.
  2. After a brief drying you can put it in the washing machine, but pay attention to its temperature. Polyester is not very resistant to high temperatures. To maintain the fabric, those who still use a fabric softener when washing.
  3. After lifting, put the shirt to dry in a not too hot place as explained above.



Whatever your choice, be it Adidas or Nike, Barcelona or Real Madrid, after this guide, you can be sure that you will have a clear idea of ​​what you want.
Do not forget to pay attention to the size whenever you buy clothes online, especially sports since during your practice it can be quite uncomfortable. In addition to taking care of the fabric during its washing and drying, remember that 155 years ago people preferred more colorful equipment to differentiate themselves, and take this into account when choosing a shirt.


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