Soccer Training Tips

Soccer Training. The most important part of the process.

The soccer peach could be a wonderful place. Where your dreams can come true, but to reach the professional stage and becoming a professional football player there are some steps that you have to follow.

However given the evolution of this sport, where we are living the era of two big names (Ronaldo and Messi) and because of that, one of the greatest dreams of kids is to become a football player. The possibility of exorbitant gains of money coupled with the pleasure of practicing the favorite sport is some of the factors responsible for this dream in the country of football.

However, this is a reality for the few. Only those who have great skill, dedicate themselves and follow the right steps can reach the elite, requiring much commitment and dedication.

So if this is your dream, check out our top 6 recommendations on this topic of Soccer Training to be able to become a professional football player and ensure a successful career.

Soccer Training Tips List

1. Physical Training

The first and essential step in Soccer Training is to always be in good shape.

Physical training boosts the player’s technical ability. It gives you the ability to be able to meet any challenge and even to help you in certain movements within the field. Some factors to highlight, such as:

  • 1. Ability to run long:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Running is the essential basis of all physical training. And it is in this race where the player sets his ‘tempo’, which is his running pace, to be used during the game.
    2. Resistance & Strength
    This is more about holding the game all the time. It is normal to ask for a replacement, but the athlete should be able to stay for 90 minutes.
    Everyone knows that football is a physical contact sport, unlike tennis where each player is on their side. Therefore it is necessary for the player to be robust for the duels he has, (Shoulder to shoulder) and for executions in force.
  • 3. Speed ​​and blast
    Football nowadays is very fast. And in this sense, there is not much room for slow players. If we look at the big players in almost every position the highlights are the fastest. And if you think you weren’t born fast, it’s a myth. Speed ​​can be greatly improved with specific exercises. Always remember that running is part of Soccer Training.


2. Technical Training

soccer training

The second Soccer Training tip is to try to define which position in the field of your choice and which most enables you to grow according to your abilities.
Technical training is a component that links to physical training. While the physical part allows you to be available at your best at all times, the technique allows you to efficiently and accurately execute the decisions. The technique is made up of several factors, but all of them aim to make you feel comfortable and confident with the ball at your feet. The factors that we can Highlight:

Dribbling & Ball Control

Dribbling and ball control are two main factors that make a player stand out, and if that player makes good decisions these two factors make him an unforgettable player. Dribbling is a player tool, it allows you to get out of numerically disadvantaged situations, and is critical in 1 vs 1 duel. Ball control makes it much easier when the player has to receive the ball and is tight regardless of whether it is tight. an opponent to squeeze you, or to be in reduced space.

2. Passing

Soccer is a team game, and it is easy to see that having quality possession is important regardless of how much it is. Examples of quality players in this chapter are many, from short pass masters Iniesta & Xavi to long pass masters such as Pirlo or David Beckham. There is usually a factor that always combines with the pass, which is the game vision. And in order to make that decision to make a long or short pass, you have to have enough vision to notice a move from a colleague and then pass the ball to him, or prefer to keep the ball more and keep possession. This is why the pass training is essential on the Soccer Training.

3. Shooting

The thing most people like to do is to shoot. Nowadays there are no players who don’t kick. If we’ve noticed lately we’ve had a lot of defenses kicking dead balls, and even goalkeepers. That’s why you have to practice shooting. During the 90 minutes, a lot can happen.


3. Have Comfortable Boots

The third Soccer Training tip is regarding the equipment. Proper equipment is the beginning of a safer sport – and that’s the way it is for all sports. The tennis player, for example, needs a good racket and shoes suitable for clay or other soil, while sprinters need a new, lightweight and sturdy shoe.

Of course, good equipment does not guarantee high performance of athletes, it is just a resource to enhance the skills of those who practice sports, right? The same can be said about soccer boots, which will not make you a great player just by being on your feet, after all, hard training and hard work are the determining factors for good performance on the field. We all remember that Gerrard slip…

Aluminum locking boots are best recommended for those who play in tall or wet grass. Rubber locks are best for synthetic ground, but if the game is a futsal court, the sticky sole is best suited. This will give you more stability and security to run and demonstrate your football skills!

In case you’re an Adidas fan, you can check ou article on the Adidas soccer cleats HERE.


4. Research on Soccer Positioning & Tactics

soccer books


The four Soccer Training tip is reading and researching. It’s good to learn about these topics so that you can criticize your heart team with more property, right? Even if you are not an accomplished player, being able to help your teammates to position and occupy the field intelligently is a great collaboration with the team, as it is not a simple task.

You don’t have to be an expert, but understanding team movement within the field is essential if you want to improve your performance. After all, it’s no use being fast and having the wrong positioning, is not it? If you are not in the right place to receive a pass and set a counter-attack, for example, your sprinter quality is not being taken advantage of.

Thus, if each player is fulfilling his or her position, the team’s tactics are more likely to win the contest. Not to mention that getting in the wrong position on the pitch can lead to body exhaustion and, consequently, a “back ball,” for example – have you thought?

Knowing tactics and positioning can help the team avoid silly goals and help players work better in teams. The best teams are those in which the defender or defender disarms the opponent and doesn’t even have to think twice before making a throw.

You already know exactly where your teammate will be positioned to best receive your pass. This level of rapport can be analyzed in almost any team that has been playing along for some time. Also note the goalkeeper’s throw-in, for example. You will notice that, not by chance, they are aimed at the player who has almost always passed from midfield towards the opponent’s area.

In case you want to read some books you can check our article on the top 10 soccer books HERE.


5. Trust Your Skill

This Soccer Training tip is important!

Both serious footballers and weekend athletes know how it requires intelligence to act and quick decision-making. Choosing to touch the ball too much, for example, can make the difference between getting in the face of the goal and pushing the ball too far and being disarmed by a marker, isn’t it?

So every time you play, try to be quick in your thinking. It’s okay to hold the ball a little longer to try a nice dribble or an effect move, but don’t let that become the norm. Nothing is worse than playing on the guy’s team that is even good at the ball but only makes bad decisions at the time of the match.

Playing soccer is a passion of almost all Brazilians. So remember that the whole team wants to participate and have fun. So even if you are skilled, do not overdo the dribbling and give the conscious pass. Now, if your opponent insists on scoring with your legs ajar, do not forgive and apply a pen to teach the importance of close scoring and not go first to try to take the ball.


6. Practice Makes Perfect

Of course, to finish, Soccer Training needs to be done regularly!

Training is an important part of the process of playing well. With it, you can ‘calibrate’ your technique, know the time when to run to anticipate a move.
Call a colleague of yours to go to an empty space. There you can train a multitude of fundamentals for football.
Now, if you have no one to accompany, you can go alone to a field to train ball driving, improving the aim, among other fundamentals.

soccer training

Take for example Cristiano Ronaldo who is an addict for training. In case you dream to reach his level, you will need to train on a similar level. If you look around to the most popular stars in different areas, all of them got to that level because they repeat & practice a lot during a long period. You can choose your period, your training as long as you feel that it is efficient.

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Always remember that each time you train, you will always be one step closer to improving, and with it comes perfection.


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