The Boots That Stole The Show on Fifa 98 World Cup

During the World Cup which witnessed the first Golden Goal, a young forward drew a lot of attention. With a special edition boots, Ronaldo made a name for his name on the Fifa 98 World Cup.

With great skill, allied speed and finishing ability, Ronaldo Nazario had the eyes of almost all the competition at his feet.

And it was from this point of view that his boots shined. At a time, players’ boots were gaining more space within the world of football accessories, Ronaldo wore his Nike Mercurial and in the end made a point of showing them to everyone.

Ronaldo scored 4 goals in the total of the competition, where Brazil lost only in the final, with France.


20 years later, Nike decided to recreate this line of boots by putting the ” Puro Fenomeno ” in almost every line of 2018.
An example of this are the boots used by Neymar Jr.

These boots have a super improved grip compared to 20 years ago. It also brings excellent stability given the ability to adapt to unstable terrain.The top has a slope to facilitate the curve of the ball, and make first passes easier.  Something that R9 was a fan when he was on the fields


Reasons why you should get this Mercurials boots :

  1. Awesome Grip
  2. Stability (This one is really important)
  3. Superb Comfort !
  4. Ultimate Remake of one of the Greatest Football Boots!

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