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Soccer Jerseys: The Best for the 2018/2019 Season

We present to you our choices on the most beautiful and creative soccer jerseys for the new season.

After the transfer market, the official soccer jersey, for the 2018/2019  new season, is the news that creates more curiosity in the fans. Preferences vary from person to person, some prefer the alternative soccer jersey equipment, others prefer the main soccer jersey equipment. In addition to those theories, you can also find those who say that certain soccer jerseys are luckier than others, or that there are some colors that would cause their teams to lose certain games.

soccer jerseys

Going back a bit in history, the King of England Henry VII could be wearing soccer cleats in the 16th century but it was not until the mid-1800’s that the idea of ​​the team’s colorful soccer jerseys originally took root. The first evidence of these early tracks is from English school games of the day, although it was so common for teams to be distinguished by the use of caps or colored bands. On the image below you can clearly see the caps on this illustration of 1872, the match between England vs Scotland.


In 1867, however, An American football Manual advised that teams should try to “have a side with striped shirts of one color, let’s say red, and the other with another, let’s say blue.” By the 1870s the cops were becoming an established ingredient of the game, with many clubs, such as Blackburn Rovers, adopting designs that remain unchanged to this day. The Rover’s were not the only clubs that have kept their soccer jerseys until today, Inter and Juventus are also an example, as you can see below, Juventus on the left and Inter on the right.old soccer jerseys

With all of this history, we hope that you improve on the understandings of the designs of the Soccer Jerseys. Another thing to be aware of is the care to have on washing these shirts. Due to the advertising that some of them might have, you need to have some care during the washing, and also when ironing, because with time they can be damaged.


Jumping now to the point, from my experience, to chose the best soccer jersey, and one of the most beautiful soccer jerseys, I think I would have had a hard time to pick the correct one, my heart would go for the clubs that I support, but my mind would push me to the most stylish ones.

We decided to draw up a list of the 10 Best Soccer or Football Jerseys and evaluate them in order to leave the final opinion for you.

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Atlanta United F.C.

atlanta soccer jersey


  • The former MLS Champions! What a good soccer jersey!
  • With a classical front black and red stripes.
  • Adidas tech fit and freshness technology

soccer jerseys



  • usa-soccer-jerseyThe Jersey of the National Soccer Team! Another good soccer jersey to wear on a hot sunny day.
  • The combination of the red and blue stripes with shadow finalization just gives it an extra touch😉

soccer jerseys


Bayern Munchen (Germany)

bayer soccer jersey

  • Typical Red from the German’s Champions!
  • Good soccer jersey for playing outdoors and you can use it for going out in the next autumn and summer days.

soccer jerseys


England 2018 World Cup

england soccer jersey

  • One of my favorite: The plain white!
  • Nike Tech fit technology, as well as the quick dryness of the shirt

soccer jerseys


Nigeria 2018 World Cup

nigeria soccer jersey

  • One of the most sold soccer jerseys in the world, many of the stores ran out of stock before the start of the competition!
  • A tribal pattern using the great green and white from Nigeria.

soccer jerseys


Manchester United Alternative

manchester united soccer jersey

  • A nice alternative soccer jersey from Man United, I liked the black badge.
  • Due to its colors, it can well be dressed from girls or boys with ease.
  • Adidas Tech fit technology and freshness!

soccer jerseys


Germany Training Equipment

germany training soccer jersey

  • I’m a big fan of training equipment’s, and this one is a classic!
  • Perfect black and white vertical stripes. Good soccer jersey to wear on that big game.
  • Adidas ultimate dry technology.

soccer jerseys


Barcelona Training Soccer Jersey

barcelona training soccer jersey

  • Perfect for someone with 4 to 5 plays per week.
  • Love the wolf grey color and the black badge.
  • Good soccer jersey for any weather conditions.

soccer jerseys



juventus soccer jersey

  • When you think of Juventus now, you think of Ronaldo!
  • The most titleholder in Italy, with a classic black and white stripes. This soccer jersey is a classic design from Adidas!


soccer jerseys


Barcelona Principal

barcelona soccer jersey

  • One of the biggest Clubs in the World, we couldn’t miss this soccer jersey and of course Lionel Messi!
  • Another Classic stripe with this dark blue on the arms

soccer jerseys


So make sure you always stay prepared for the game day. So for now, this is the one that we consider to be on the Top 10 Best Soccer jerseys or Football Jerseys as you prefer. You can either use this holidays opportunity to gift to someone, or you can use it for your daily works.

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