Will Jose Mourinho withstand the next 5 games?

How much life will have given the game against Newcastle to Jose Mourinho for this next series of 5 games?

Well from his history, Mourinho has not been very lucky in these moments of tension already seen in previous appearances for Chelsea and Real Madrid. And by the record of his career, the situation usually only worsens. But the win against Newcastle at Old Trafford may have given a new boost to the red devils. The question is: For how long?

A Brief Summary of what have been this Season for Mourinho

Started complaining about lack of reinforcements, demanded “respect” for journalists after losing 0-3 against Tottenham, was eliminated in the League Cup at home for Derby County, from the EFL (Second Division) . Their recent case was a 3-1 away defeat at London Stadium against West Ham.


Not to mention the unhappiness showed by some players like Ander Herrera, and transporting the tension with Paul Pogba to the audience by pulling him out of the captain’s lot.
The two were filmed in training and it was evident the coldness between them.


“I will never be able to work without success. It’s not in my nature, “said Jose Mourinho in 2016 at his presentation as Manchester United’s new coach. But the results, the measure to evaluate the work of any coach, contradict the title of winner in series that the Portuguese was conquering.

Game week 8: 8th place, with 13 points (4 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses), 13 goals scored and 14 conceded. A year ago, at the same time, Mourinho had 20 points (6 wins and 2 draws) 21 goals scored and only 2 conceded. Comparing to the other Managers in the past five seasons he won trophies in two of them – in 2016-17 he led Manchester United to Europa League Champions, English Super Cup and English League Cup, and in 2014-15 he had won the English League and the FA Cup by Chelsea .

After comparisons with previous seasons and contextualization of Jose Mourinho’s current situation at Man United, the future of the Portuguese coach may be more complicated or easier after this series of 5 games in 19 days including two games with rivals above himself on the EPL table and 2 games against a direct rival on the UCL.

Here are United’s next 5 games


With all these dishes on the table, and analyzing what has been the history of the clashes with these opponents as well as the current moments of the teams, we have come to the conclusion that the key to this cycle is at one point: The game against Chelsea.

There are 3 possible ends for Jose Mourinho:

  • A victory against a rival of the so-called big 5, after 6 years and in a special field for the Portuguese Manager, could be the change of chip that everyone is needing. And if that happens United can go to the match against Juventus with a big boost to try to win the game and pack them for the 3 remaining challenging games.
  • A defeat, could lead to¬†two ways: Everything will start to be called into question again, and the game against Juventus will be anticipated of much speculation in the media during that week, and enormous pressure in both players and Jose Mourinho.
  • The other way: The club wait for the match against Juventus, and make that game a final for the coach, in case he misses, he will be very close to the exit.
  • We don’t believe that Mourinho will leave after the match with Chelsea, we hope the team can recover just for the good of English football and for everything that the club represents, and we think the recent comments from former players criticizing the team rather than the coach may be causing a reactive effect on the players.

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